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My Maths teacher

In our classroom, there’s a sage so wise

Whose mind is quick, and never lies

With numbers and equations at their command

They guide us through the world of math, hand in hand

Their chalk marks dance upon the board

As they lead us through a numerical chord

With formulas and theorems galore

Our math teacher never leaves us bored

They speak of angles and lines so true

And teach us to think in ways anew

To find the solution, and see the light

In the beauty of math, shining bright

Though some may fear the numbers game

Our teacher helps us all the same

To unlock the mysteries of the mind

And let our knowledge, like a river, unwind

So here’s to our math teacher, so clever and true

Whose lessons will stay with us, through and through

For they have shown us the power of math

And helped us find our own brilliant path.

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