Universal Prayer

I Accept the Fullness of My Own Divine Well-Being

Within myself is that which is perfect, that which is complete, that which is divine, that which was never born and cannot die, that which lives, which is God – the Eternal Reality.

Within myself is peace, poise, power, wholeness and happiness. All the power that there is and all the presence that there is, all the Life that there is, is God – Living Spirit Almighty – and this Divine and Living Spirit is within me.

It is Wholeness. It is never weary. It is never tired. It is Life. It is complete Peace. It is never afraid, it is never confused. It is always poised and peaceful. It is always in a state of perfect equilibrium.

This is the truth about myself, there is no other self. Every image of fear is erased from my mind, every sense of confusion leaves my thought. My mind now entertains and reflects the Divine into everything which I do, say and think – into my body into my affairs.

That Divine within me is Wholeness, and my mind reflects this Wholeness into every organ, every function, every action, every reaction of my physical being, renewing it after the Perfect Pattern – the Christ within me.

Universal substance reflects itself, into my mind, into daily supply, so that everything I need each day is supplied. Before the need, is the thing, and with the apparent need it is met.

There is Something within me which goes before me and prepares the way wherever I go – making straight the way, making perfect the way, making immediately and instant, and permanent and harmonious, every situation.

Consequently, my mind reflects the fullness of that Divine Substance, which heals every sense of lack in my life. Peace, poise, power, perfection, Living Spirit within me, is me, myself.

I Accept the Fullness of My Own Divine Well-Being

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