1st Lesson


Hey, welcome back,

I am glad to share with you how s i m p l e things are when you step back and observe the whole picture of the world you live in. At first glance you might think that life is turning a bit complicated sometimes and “only the lucky ones succeed”. This is happening because there is an entire culture based on distracting people from the t r u e principles of being successful. All starts from the early ages where children are taught 1 forth of the truth that says the ONLY way you can earn your living it’s going to school and getting a job, without even having a basic understanding of human nature and its purposecashflow-quadrant

But the financial picture is much bigger and available to A L L.


If you got out from this so called “matrix” (and I believe you’ve started doing it) you would be able to see the ONLY 2 CHOICES you have:

1. Truly become aware of the meaning of why are you there having the ‘job’ you have, knowing the people you know, buying the stuff you buy, etc. It is PERFECTLY fine just the way you are, do and have BECAUSE it is about YOU giving the best you can (adding more and more value) in that certain environment and about YOU learning the lessons that are the foundation of getting you to the next level.
2. Actually taking steps to the next level and becoming aware of the fact that is PERFECTLY normal to have the desire to BE, HAVE and DO more BECAUSE nothing in the Universe rests, everything is moving including your thinking process and the ability to manifest your new desires. This movement is commonly referred as f r e e d o m.

In our times f r e e d o m means time freedom and money freedom. That means you can experience freedom if you c o m p l e t e l y enjoy the way you spend your time and money you already posses.
But once you feel this money-time formula is unbalanced and the slightest glimpse of wanting more starts arising i m m e d i a t e l y start THINKING a way to getting there. Ignoring this will bring you tremendous struggle, no doubt.

If you start searching the meaning of the above statistics more than sure you are part of the 1% (I guess you agree with me that searching with the mind involves thinking:) and you are ACTING. The 99% just REACT because the confusion they make between “thinking” and having a “mental activity”. Part of this effect it’s because these individuals are not aware of the 6 mental faculties we ALL posses such as IMAGINATION, INTUITION, PERCEPTION, REASON, MEMORY, WILL. From my experience it might be a little painful when starting to train the thinking process:)[probably you’ve heard this “I can’t read because I get sleepy”]

I challenge you to ask yourself if you are able to take action according to your new desires. If you think it’s hard you’re right but if you realise that people are creatures of habits and the way your life looks like now it’s a result of your h a b i t s (=repeatedly do something) starting from the way you eat, the way you brush your teeth, the way you dress, the beliefs about society, universe, yourself, money, relationships. etc., the whole job’s getting easier BUT

THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE THE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE IS TO CHANGE YOUR HABITS and this can be accomplished by the very same way you got your present ones: developing new habits according to the new desires, by repetition:

>repeatedly expose yourself to new information
>repeatedly expose yourself to new environment
>repeatedly hang around people with same interests
>repeatedly take the same actions people that already have what you want took
STOP deceiving yourself, there is no other way so be grateful for what you are/do/have and start moving forward!!

Now it is the time to make the specification that you can make money in just 2 ways:
->loving people and using money
->loving money and using people (this way will empty your soul; there is no long lasting happiness)

So, if you are not satisfied by the current activity and can’t reach your financial goals with your present income it is time to start getting yourself into creating other sources of  income (if you think it is about getting another job just to meet more money you are deceiving yourself). You truly can make this step very easily once you understand that more money will come after you added more value into the environment (product/services that reflects your talents, passions, skills, etc.), something that people really need, want or helps them to increase their level of productivity and significance for the environment. People commonly refer to this generating income activity as business. Well, the core of a business is a powerful M E S S A G E you deliver through the products and services you render. At this point you can think about creating your own business OR joining an existing one. Either ways you need to embrace the m e s s a g e and be totally enthusiastic about sharing it with people around you. Meeting this condition or not will assure your success or failure.

Thanks God there are a lot of opportunities out there, great projects with great visions; feel free to check #Opportunities.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I really own my life?”

Feel free to use Contact page and ask for details when you find them close to your particular way of being/doing/seeing the things you want to happen for you or around you.
What would you change if..

See you soon,